domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011


You had me, you lost me

[Collection Cofre Negro (Black Chest)]

You had me, you lost me

It makes no sense shed tears
when you do not mind,
I won't be waiting that you destroy
the rest of my life,
Now we will see who misses who,
I fooled myself to believe in your words,
Your rhetoric is powerful,
You withered my life, but not the power of the goddess.

You had me, you lost me,
with every folly committed,
with each distributed lie,
with each given deceit,
just pain, is be by your side.

My mirror was yelling the solitude of my eyes
the bitterness of my lips,
the sadness of my face
and the agony of my life.
Everything was true,
I gave myself wholly
I put my love on a silver platter
without expecting anything in return,
your words were my truth,
on my part neither a white lie,
I thought was for you more important than a rose
what a fool, just a fool...

You had me, you lost me,
for not giving value to my love,
for wanting to be just a  womanizer
for kill me little by little with your acts,
trample the dream of my love,
its joy and child innocence.

I will not longer watch over your dreams,
go away and look for a love to buy,
you may be an expert in business,
but in love, a hangman is in your being,
change the morning I could offer
for any given night,
do not say I am bad,
only I act how you taught me,
you bled a loving heart.

You had me, you lost me,
miss what you once had,
if it hurts you, do not blame me,
if there are guilty, you are in the first place,
but in my life you don't worth a damn.

Yépez, Waldylei
Review: March 2010

Translated on: March 2011

Spanish version: Me tenías, me perdiste.

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