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Rockets in the sky

[Minicolección (Minicollection)]

Rockets in the sky

Source: Google Images.

The lies sounds wonderful
if they come from leaders’ mouth
Nobody notice the inconsistency that their words have
nobody questions himself
because they arrived to the power: because they are “our saviors”.

Rockets in the sky represents what is coming
I turn to see the excuses river
which contributed to make grow the lie tree that sorround us.
Lies presented like truths
and is unacceptable to put them in doubt.

Let Taseer say it,
To defend Asia Bibi,
fell to him the blasphemous punishment:
Thirty bullets in his body.

What makes them think that thirty shots will guarantee heaven for his murder?
What makes him believe that his prophet applauds “his courage”?
What makes them think that their god expect that they “do something”?
What makes them think that will be applauded for become hitman?

Rockets in the sky flies to their destiny…
We have built political and religious institutions
through blood and roses puddles.
Politics and religion: The same crap, sir.

The “chosen” will be always right.
If you say something against, you are blasphemous.
The president and the prophet are skilfully defended
although their stories carry the “absurd” by name,
and their followers, to think, are lazy:
What the “chosen” say will be respected!

Who kills in the name of anything:
terrorists are.
Who kills in the name of fighting terrorism:
rescuers are.

What makes them believe that a death is different from another?
Taking life for any reason, is just that: taking life.
But, politics and religion, leaded us to think that there are differences.
If we are killed by our religion: it is barbarism.
If we kill by our religion: it is justice.
If our people is killed: it is terrorism.
If we kill another people: it is what it owed to do.

What happened to “Thou shalt not kill” of Christians
when in the bible non-virgin women are murdered?
what happened with the present excuse that god has no sex
but in the bible the woman are less than the man?
because they are hardly the image of man and the man himself is the image of god?
Where is that, in Pakistan, it should see the murder of Taseer as a “lesson”
for the rest of politicians, intellectuals and media?
“Freedom of thought is not the alternative to faith”, says Bolonia’s Archbishop,
So, which it would be? Or that alternative does not exists?
Absolute trues, or absolute lies?
Power is the most worth that it never should lose.

Rockets in the sky are getting closer.
Let’s speak bad things about the adversary!
Let’s say that “ours” are going to chrush them with the truth!
That our policies, the people will benefit!
That what we believe is the real truth!
If they don’t follow us: to hell they will go!
All in the name of “The people”, “Jesus” or “Allah”

Would Muhammad be glad with Taseer’s death?
“Do not mourn him,
who do will suffer the same fate”, says the Muslim extremist.
All by opposing to an absurd law.
All by saving a life from tomb,
he won his own.

Rockets in the sky have arrived…
We have built political and religious institutions
through blood and roses puddles.
Politics and religion: The same crap, sir!.

Yépez, Waldylei
Written: January 2011
Translated on: May 2011

Spanish version: Cohetes en el cielo.

Source: Google Images.

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